HourHouse : 洗練されたニューメタルコア 新曲「BLOODSPORT」MV公開!



HourHouse : ルイジアナ州ニューオーリンズを拠点に活動するニューメタルコア・バンド、HourHouse (アワーハウス) が、新曲「BLOODSPORT」のミュージックビデオを公開しました。




Nu metal unit HourHouse has continued to push the limits of heavy music and blur the lines separating rap and metal. With their breakout song, RICO, they took the scene by surprise. By adding the more street oriented side of rap music they created a sound that hasn’t been tackled yet. They further pushed this agenda with NARCO featuring Elijah Witt of Cane Hill, and 10-45. It’s safe to say HourHouse has created a home in the heavy music world in such a short time along with showing they can also make a fit in the hip hop community.



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