Viridian が新EP『Into the Sound』をリリース!


Viridian : アメリカン・メタルコアトリオ、Viridianが、新EP『Into the Sound』をリリースしました。ダウンチューンしたヘヴィリフを搭載したプログレッシヴ寄りのメタルコアで、ニューメタルコア的なアプローチが心地良いですね。



Taken from the “Into The Sound” EP, out everywhere now.
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Directed by Rye Caraway
Filmed by Snaggletooth Productions
Produced, engineered, mixed & mastered by Matt Guglielmo


Face first into the concrete
Unable to comprehend my increasing fragility
No solitary soul to hear my pleas
I’m sinking in the concrete
A tragedy set in quicksand
Becoming one with the concrete
Terrain a wreckage visible for all to see

The sunlit days weave in
A gradient against circadian currents
Nights full of stelliform, seamlessly intertwining
Blur vision – Disable dreaming
Numb to interaction, we die breathing

How long has it been?
My ability to focus disappears

If I ever let things go remains unknown
Embedded footprints on the floor of the cage in my head
Manifest a deathwish that I claim to resent

My limbs cease from taking messages
I’m going face first into the concrete
A mere elevation to observe
Protruding for the passersby
Almighty peaks of misery

Vertical shift
Using every fiber to see the forward way

Lightless amidst apocalypse
Pure darkness

Face first into the sound