Noctambulist がニューアルバム『The Barren Form』をリリース!


Noctambulist : コロラド州デンバーを拠点に活動するブラッケンド・ブルータル・デスメタルバンド、Noctambulistが、2年振りのセカンドアルバム『The Barren Form』をWillowtip Recordsからリリースしました。Willowtipらしいアヴァンギャルドなサウンドスケープを持ちながらも、ブラッケンドとしての世界観は崩さず、且つブルータリティも見せてくれる技巧派。





Current lineup

R.H. Bass
See also: ex-Burn the Fleet, ex-Echo, ex-Flagship

Michael Nolan Drums (2016-present)
See also: Cordyceps, Cyclonusfilth, ex-Despise the Sun, ex-Skinned, ex-Vomit God, ex-Hapless

Andreas Tee Guitars (2016-present)
See also: ex-Expurgate, ex-Twatrot, ex-Full Bore

Sean McConnell Vocals (2017-present)
See also: ex-Nicaraguan Death Squad, Berated, ex-Hapless, ex-Spit Black



The Barren Form is a relentless and unforgiving exhibition of misery and despair. The technicality and weight of the prior album, Atmospheres of Desolation, remain persistent on this subsequent release. But, through an elevated form of songwriting and introspective lyrical content, “The Barren Form” creates a more suffocating and bleak aura. Each track embodies a manifestation of depression, grief, anxiety, and fear – a fitting theme for present day. The intent of the album is to unsettle and consume the listener.